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Started the week in Berlin, now in Malta and in between I was in Amsterdam… so kinda life? What life? this week. Been pretty hectic, and some drama that I could have done without with (in the way there often seems to be when you’re at the edge of your tether). Got to meet up with a twitter friend IRL, which was awesome. Was really hard to leave Berlin… but I’ll be back.


Gave a workshop – my first ever – and wow it was a lot of work. But so far the feedback has been good, which is great. I also gave a talk, which also seems to have gone OK. Completely exhausting though! I barely saw any other talks at the conference and left completely wrecked.


In Berlin, went to Roamers and Tabibito one final time… and checked out Shiso Burger which was awesome, and had desert at Zur Rose.

Also picked up my favourite sandwich at Frankfurt airport… and nearly missed the plane as a result.


Watching Gossip Girl. Finished Hot Seat (totally loved it), and also Women in IT, How to Invest Your Time Like Money. Now reading The Sleep Book (it’s a 5 week plan so I expect to just read a section each week for the next 5 weeks), and Thinking in Systems. Not much time for novels this week! Re-reading The Gift.

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