Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-11-06

  • Oh hai Toronto! #
  • Super fed up of getting honked at on right turns because I don't want to run over pedestrians. I guess I have crazy European notions. #
  • Helpful blogpost from @PalantirTech on systems design interviews – #
  • Know a high school girl who'd like to visit @google in #kwawesome to learn about being an engineer? #
  • Had some issues with form so please sign up again if you did already. Will be running one November 29th – #
  • Tickets are up for the next @girlgeekskw. It's an art+games+mosista special! #
  • This is interesting: Four Ways Women Stunt Their Careers Unintentionally in HBR – #
  • People asked me what Im dressed up as, I say "I'm a European". But enjoyed the creepy mix at spin class. Happy candy day, north Americans. #
  • Parody response to the HBR article on women stunting their careers that I posted yesterday – /via @zara_p #
  • I think the thing is that it's not just men who don't notice when we get things done quietly, we don't notice each other, either. #
  • Love this writeup of @kwartzlab's Hacky Halloween last weekend at THEMUSEUM #kwawesome /via @write_girl @themuseum #
  • Internet! Don't be broken when I'm feeling inspired! Wanna cooooooooooooooooode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #
  • Sadly I can't make @kwawesomefound Nov 9, so I'm looking for someone to take my place and vote. Tweet me why you, will pick one I like best! #
  • Only two people want to replace me @kwawesomefound pitch night next week. Want to help decide the next project we fund? Tweet me why! #
  • Me: "what were you drawing? Corpses?" @lccarson "yes, that's what I do". I'm glad this came out *after* dinner… #
  • I had such a lovely time with the wonderful @lccarson last night! #
  • Is there stuff happening @ghc Tuesday night? What time are people getting in? #
  • Still time to enter to take my place @kwawesomefound next week! Tweet me why you'd be great at it! #
  • Teammate and I made Siri British and male. I told him to call me darling. A productive evening out with the team, then. #
  • Woah this is really a church. There are crosses and shrines and stuff. Super creeped out! #
  • Presentation over! Did not burst into flames due to being in a church (thanks to those who asked). #
  • Thanks to @lccarson for sending me the science of owl rotation. #
  • I adore @Pj_Lowe, makes me feel better about everything! And @lccarson gives such great advice. Lucky to have such amazing women in my life. #
  • You have til Sunday to tweet why you should take my place+help decide our next @kwawesomefound project nov 9! Some great reasons already! #
  • Made some student tickets available for @GirlGeeksKW – did you get yours yet? Going to be an amazing event! #
  • Another mad kindle book shopping spree, 8 more in time for my flight to Seattle tomorrow. I have no self control… #
  • Incidentally, I've bought 8 new books but not done any packing AT ALL… it's possible my priorities are a little screwed up. #
  • Strong painkillers seemed a great idea boarding plane with a headache… But now I need to go through us customs feeling distinctly floaty. #
  • Just witnessed woman in airport cleaning another woman's aura, assume it was that, unless there are other reasons to pull invisible oranges? #
  • Met another female engineer on plane! She's never seen star wars either 🙂 #

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