Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-09-18

  • Firefighters commemorating 9/11 #
  • We've only just met, but I love you – cleverbot chat – #
  • Love this blog post by @caterina – Make Things – #
  • "The challenge, on a personal level, is remembering to notice the smaller things you've achieved" – #
  • How to feel miserable as an artist (source unknown) – I, too, am guilty of #10 - /via @lccarson @tezcatlipoca #
  • This house looks so adorable and cozy, and it was #
  • That's the second time I've watched someone announce something I was going to do infront of 8 people and thought I guess I'm doing that then #
  • LOVE this video! 100 years of East London style in 100 seconds – /via @DragonsKitchen #
  • Car shopping! (@ Waterloo Honda) #
  • Depressing article on how parents make teaching difficult, and cause teachers to leave the profession – /via @jliyi #
  • Getting ready to start our Google.GetAJob() event at @google Waterloo! So exciting! #
  • This story of a @google engineer proposing via google maps is utterly charming – /via @rlm_ottawa #
  • This visualization is really cool – Intercontinental Ballistic Microfinance on @kiva /via @metadaddy @chrisdancy #
  • "it's not against the rules. It might be against your warranty, but that's a different story" – pitch on hacky halloween @kwawesomefound #
  • So much awesome tonight @kwawesomefound ! I want to support everything!!!!! #
  • Exhausting but rewarding day with Google.getAJob() and @kwawesomefound and have 8am flight to NYC tomorrow… I guess I'll sleep when I die! #
  • So happy for @kwartzlab who last night got $1000 from @kwawesomefound to make "Hacky Halloween" reality! Go be awesome! #
  • Looooooong commute this morning. Hope my bag made it too. (@ LaGuardia Airport (LGA) w/ 93 others) #
  • Jewish colleague who keeps strict kosher is coming to #kwawesome – anyone know about where we can get him food? #
  • Sometimes I think I work somewhere normal, and then someone says something like "oh, my supervisor wrote the algorithm design manual". #
  • This month, I challenged myself to say no. Today I've agreed to a 4th presentation in October and another trip. I fail at no. #
  • Related: I'm currently spending more $ on academic conferences I don't attend than handbags. If I budgeted, that's not how I'd prioritize… #
  • So what if girls want things pretty? Being an engineer is not "like X" and you don't have to be "like Y" to be one – #
  • This is cool, mind-map on how to focus, because "Focus is the new black." – /via @peterbihr @timoreilly @pkedrosky #
  • Interesting post by Dan Ariely on value of financial advisors, and asking the right questions – /via @krusk #
  • Dedicated wakeup call @standardny this morning. When I didn't answer the phone in three tries (shower) someone physically knocked on door! #
  • People keep telling me the amount of travel I do sounds glamorous, but reality is I am going to bed at 9 on a Saturday night. Zzzzzzzzzz… #

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