Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-01-23

  • Back at Toronto airport. Depressingly, this time next week I'll have returned and will be on another long haul flight. #toomanyairports #
  • Advice from #security firm Sophos? "Remove your home address, phone number from your FB profile now" /via @eric_andersen #
  • It's like my second first day! (@ Google Waterloo) #
  • Noooooo! RT @Eyenza "At this rate you should sell all your belonging and just live in various airports" #
  • I have a hat! And balloons! And candy! And, for some reason, a tiny torch. #
  • I was going to rewatch easy a and catch up on email (ick) but this having a real job malarky is exhausting, 8pm is my new bedtime. #
  • Great progress today, broke remote machine, finished box of Earl Grey (opened yesterday). Luckily, facilities person handles tea crisis. #
  • Awwh @Communitech sent us a giant cookie! So tasty! Thanks! πŸ™‚ #
  • My 530am dilemma: "if I work out now I'll probably feel better, but I have better hair when I don't". #
  • Overwhelmed by everything on this week's list? Here's a not-do list to complement your todo-list – /via @jackiyo #
  • Love this video! RT @ JeffClark Some excellent examples of generative design in this video /via @gnrtvdsgn #
  • Why is it that designers who don't do css call it "programming", but all the programmers I know who do css call themselves "designers"? #
  • 5 emotions invented by the Internet – – I get IM anxiety, others not so much thankfully! /via @eric_andersen #
  • The prospect of a date with my favorite @douglasgresham on Sunday is making me really happy… even if it is at an airport! #
  • Haha love this! Want kids to study hard and focus? Put this into the textbook: /via @kateho #
  • I'm hiding out working inside a hollow treetunk full of pillows. This is kinda awesome. #
  • In a sign that I am, perhaps, too laid back about travel I have realized I don't have a hotel confirmation for tomorrow. Ooopsie! #
  • So the hotel had no reservation for me. Luckily they have rooms free, and I speak French πŸ™‚ and now I know where I'm going. Yay! #
  • Selected for full body scanner I exclaim "but this is CANADA, land of personal freedom". Security guy sniggers. I'm still in Canada. #
  • Byeee Canada! Excited for a date at casino hotel by geneva airport with @Douglasgresham and then on to les diablets for #mcetech Back soon! #

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