Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-29

  • Being a bit of a nomad was fine at the time, it's now I have forms to fill in listing where I've lived that it's a problem. #
  • I think my subconscious is having a nervous breakdown. #
  • The guy behind me in class is sleeping. I can't stop staring at him, wondering if he'll start snoring! That would be hilarious. #
  • Unexplained NPE's thrown by libraries that don't include source code make me sad. Have spent way too much time on this and getting NOWHERE! #
  • Interested in being part of Awesome Foundation Ottawa? – pls RT #
  • Who is this Ann Coulter and why does she have such great hair? #
  • Yes this Ann Coulter does sound quite horrible! Why is she talking at UO? Thanks to everyone who respond – @gordbot @pinemud @chris_saunders #
  • Awesome Foundation Ottawa – do you want to be on the "Board of Awesome"? #
  • I <3 the woman at the clinique counter. She came up with a plan to save my skin from my subconscious having a nervous breakdown. #
  • In case you missed it yesterday – my plan for making Ottawa More Awesome, and how you can get involved! #
  • Post I co-wrote with @douglasgresham, seems appropriate on Ada Lovelace day – What Makes a Programmer Great? #
  • My paper got rejected :'( comments featured questions I'd asked and got no response to. Thoroughly dejected and discouraged :'( #
  • At kickboxing, I did impersonations of the christian/nympho/stripper-turned-housewife whilst practising how to kick someone in the head. #
  • (she was extremely annoying -it seemed appropriate) #
  • Interesting and hopefully useful – how to turn a no into a yes – /via @mypromotion #
  • You can’t handle the truth (ranking drugs) #drugs #health /via @dgou @WeAreGeek #
  • Hi Thursday. Could you not suck as much as yesterday please? Need to focus on The Plan. #
  • My (slightly late) post for Ada Lovelace day – #
  • I'm making a choice to ask for what I deserve. To crack on and work for what I want. I think (hope) this is the start of something better. #
  • Trying out this testing with mock objects malarky. #
  • Dear mock object, what one earth does that error message mean? You're extremely annoying and not even real! Grr! #intestinghell #
  • Exciting news, the famous @jonskeet visited my blog for mine and @douglasgresham's post. And Dig isn't a robot he's a #
  • Loving this on "the cult of busy" by @berkun – thanks @sachac! #
  • I'm taking a pole dancing class tomorrow. V exciting. That's what's lacking in my life lately, being upside down spinning around a pole. #
  • Microwave cooking for one – subtitle should be "making you feel even lonelier and more pathetic" – /via @thecodefactory #
  • pole dancing is awesome – got to be upside down. No spinning upsidedown tho which is reason enough to go again. Have huge bruise as memento. #

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