How’s this month been? I’ve made progress on my work, but not as much as I want to. I’m doing more exercise, but not as much as I want to. In all, I guess things are going okay. Not great, but not bad either. Everything is still possible. For February, I think it’s just a case of keep going, ramp up where possible.

Get a Great Job

So far:

  • Get an appointment at the careers service to go over my CV – decided to get my CV written by Maureen McCann at MyPromotion. Currently have first draft.
  • Send it out to tech people I know and respect and ask for feedback – have some feedback, waiting for more
  • Ask people I’ve worked with to recommend me on LinkedIn (if they’re comfortable with that)
  • Ask people for recommendations for companies to apply to, and referrals where possible (already started on this)


  • Finalize resume
  • Send to people who’ve shown an interest

Get a Paper Published

  • Meet with supervisors to talk about what I have so far – Friday
  • Incorporate suggestions
  • Submit paper, and hope it gets accepted


  • Determine how much more work I need to do.
  • Do it.

Create More Stuff

  • Get together with other people, Processing Jam next week is a good start – was fun! Need to schedule another
  • Make time for the things that are would-like-to rather than must do – not doing great at this.

Be in Better Shape

  • Go back to kickboxing
  • Work up to 3 times a week – at 2 plus gym twice. OK.
  • Organize transport, and take ski instructor job
  • Cross-country ski – need to go again
  • On days I haven’t exercised, force myself to put on my swimsuit and walk to the pool before I go to bed (inspired by this post by Penelope Trunk) – failing miserably at this

Be More Balanced

  • End my week on Friday, so I don’t frantically try and complete things over the weekend. – finding this really helpful.
  • Ski at least one day at the weekend (during the season) – Going OK! Missed one.
  • No working after dinner, use that time to stay current (blogs, twitter), exercise, play wii fit, spend time with friends, or relax. – liking this. Have ended up working maybe once in the evening, not much.

Make More Time for my Boyfriend

  • Regular date night – can’t seem to coordinate schedule for this, but we are trying to spend an evening one day a week together
  • Watch movies that he wants to see – watched The Royal Tenenbaums, enjoyed it.
  • Hug him more – keep at this.