Week in Brief

This week:

  • IBM Case Study Competition
  • Ski Instructing
  • Ski training (yay!) – long story, but didn’t happen :'(
  • Finish Science Teacher Talk
  • Write up proposal.
  • Write up two pages outlining work so far.
  • Meeting with supervisors. – really great meeting, very inspired afterwards. Working on paper, needs to be done for next week.
  • Marking.
  • Kickbox twice, gym twice – gym twice but only kickboxed once
  • More progress on “the pile” – have eliminated the pile! Finally!
  • Deal with medical insurance!!! – bought envelope… it’s a start


  • Went to Teamcamp – must blog about this!
  • Got back my draft resume and sent it to some people for review.
  • Put in my application for Extreme Blue, technical interview next week.
  • Featured post on Brazen Careerist (Rediscovering Balance).
  • Met a girl from the communications department, great chat – very excited about potential collaboration.
  • Had dinner and watched Julie and Julia with a friend, love that movie!

For next week:

  • Outline Paper
  • Write paper
  • Ski instructing
  • Ski training
  • Kickbox twice
  • Gym twice
  • WISE Inspiring Women event
  • CATAWIT event
  • Marking
  • Deal with medical insurance
  • Graph more people
  • Interview