Processing Jam: Tuesday January 5th

I’ll be getting together with a couple of friends JP and Dwayne for a “Processing Jam” on Tuesday January 5th, at 6pm. What’s a Processing Jam? We’re going to make stuff. With Processing. Why? Because that list of projects in our head that we’ll “do some day, when we have time” is never going to […]

Education Google Wave Presentation Programming

An Introduction to Processing

Find the slides for this below. If you’re interested, there will be a session tonight in Wave at 7pm, but there will be another one later this week as well. As ever – feedback welcome! An Introduction to Processing View more presentations from Cate Huston.

Education Presentation Programming

Java: Building Blocks

Tomorrow I’m running an introduction to Java via Wave. Because I’ve had a degree of interest from non-complete beginners in learning Processing, I’ve split the content so that one session will be Java: Building Blocks which will teach the very basics of Java but does not introduce Processing, and the other session will be An […]

Education Google Wave Programming

Java: Building Blocks and an Introduction to Processing

Update: This will take place on Wednesday 18th and Friday 20th November, 7-9pm. Let me know if you’re interested. I’m thinking to run a session on this tomorrow, with discussion going on via Wave. Will start at 10 or 11am EST and run for 2 hours, with another 2 hours in the afternoon. Let me […]