Processing Jam: Tuesday January 5th

Sierpinski triangle

I’ll be getting together with a couple of friends JP and Dwayne for a “Processing Jam” on Tuesday January 5th, at 6pm.

What’s a Processing Jam?

We’re going to make stuff. With Processing.


Because that list of projects in our head that we’ll “do some day, when we have time” is never going to happen until we make time. So we’re getting together and setting aside time for the stuff that is would-like-to rather than must do.


It’s currently scheduled to be at my place, but if enough people are interested we can probably arrange a space at the university.

OK, I’m in – what do I need?

An idea. Some familiarity with Processing (or Java). Enthusiasm!

I can’t make it then, will there be another one?

I hope so! But that depends on interest and this one being a success. So let me know if you want to but can’t make it!

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I'd probably be more interested in this idea after this semester is over, as I will get to use processing for one of my classes coming up. πŸ˜‰

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