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Remembering the Eloquent Woman

Nearly ten years ago, I found a blog called The Eloquent Woman written by Denise Graveline. I read it diligently, and reading it I learned so many things. I learned about speaking in general, about structuring talks, clarity in scientific communication. I learned about the way women have historically been excluded from speaking, the way […]


When Your Job Gets Harder, Make a Friend

I don’t like to give advice but there is one piece I give reasonably often in various forms, and feel pretty confident about. When your job gets harder, make a friend. It’s easy to hide away when we get overwhelmed thinking the best thing to do is to “focus” and “get stuff done” and 💯 […]


Grief, Friendship, and the Most Important Thing

One of my friends died not too long ago and #fuckcancer. But at least I got to say goodbye, and to say what seemed like the most important thing to say. It’s rare that you get that kind of closure. So I clung to that when I knew the end was near. And I reminded […]

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Heard about this blog via the lovely Erica, and since I wonder if I have enough local friends (and, obviously moving, the answer will once again be no) seemed like the book (Amazon) would be just the thing for one of the many, many long haul flights I’m taking. I really enjoyed it, very honest and funny. […]