Working for Free

Tax Time

My strategy for painlessly saving a year of living costs: Have a well-paying corporate job. Live in a series of socialist countries. Neglect to file tax returns. File them all in a rush in the couple of months as you finalise your plans for leaving aforementioned corporate job. Cash the cheques as they arrive from various governments. […]

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How *are* You?

kitty peeking

Sometimes, since I ditched my job, and apartment, and conventional aspects of life, really, people ask me “how are you”, in a head tilted way that asks, really, “how can you possibly be okay”. And I say “I’m GREAT” which maybe seems like I’m overstating things, putting a brave face on terrible regret. But really… […]

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I think most of us, at some point, have been in a situation – bad relationship, bad boss, toxic friendship, that made us feel less than. Time goes by, and somehow you’ve come to expect less. Become less confident. Being afraid to say or do anything for fear of crossing these boundaries that might be […]

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Google vs. Censored Internet

Of course, I’ve been following the debate about Google leaving China and the fallout. There’s a good summary in the NYT, as well as a piece on Sergey Brin and his childhood in the Soviet Union. I really love the evil meter. I was in China in 2007 for about 3 months. I’d braced myself […]

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