Credit: DeviantArt / mqRina
Credit: DeviantArt / mqRina

I think most of us, at some point, have been in a situation – bad relationship, bad boss, toxic friendship, that made us feel less than.

Time goes by, and somehow you’ve come to expect less. Become less confident. Being afraid to say or do anything for fear of crossing these boundaries that might be invisible, but are still very real. Got smaller.

And then, we escape, and slowly we remind ourselves who we are. We can speak up for what we want, ask that question, surprise ourselves with what we’re capable of.

It’s scary, when it looks like you might be happy again. It feels tenuous, delicate.

Like a mirage. Not quite real. Don’t poke it, it might all fall apart. Don’t move, in case everything changes.

Not quite real, because is this how easy it is? Did I deserve it all along? Were those people who told me I could go looking for more, and find it, right? Why did it take me so long to listen to them?

Slowly, exhale. And gradually, expand to fill the space that is there. No longer smaller. No longer so afraid. Breathe.

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