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My Career, Her Job

UPDATE: I expressed myself very badly in this post. As a result, I hurt and offended some good people, and some of them were quick to let me know. I’m sorry. I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed by the response, but as soon as I saw the comments I knew I’d made a mistake. I appreciate […]

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Blood, Bones and Butter

I read about Blood, Bones and Butter by Gabrielle Hamilton (Amazon) on the Eloquent Woman blog, which discussed a section of the book in which the author writes about a panel she was on, and things she wanted to say, but didn’t. It was a panel about female chefs. Initially she has an attitude of “why are […]

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Friends Don’t Let Friends… Become PMs

Recently, I heard about a school that has a mandatory “technology” class that students have to take in order to take CS classes in later years. It features: wood-working, circuit building, and Excel. This is horrifying. I want to go there with picket signs and stage a protest. Dress up as robots and chant things. […]

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Rise: How to Be Really Successful and Like Your Life

Rise (Amazon) is focused on helping you become CEO. As a result I found some of it a bit overly-ambitious for me. But – it contained some really great advice. 1. Ruthless Priorities. You have too much to do, but hey – don’t we all. The trick is to decide what’s critical and do an outstanding […]

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Misconceptions of What Software Engineers Do

My first proper day on my new project, and our PM says to me – “Cate, you seem to like to travel. How about you spend time in New York?” – I’m tasked with helping another team out, and being the bridge between that team and my team here. Initially I was a bit… thrown. […]

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Last week, in California, I met the amazing Meggin who leaves such astute and beautiful comments here. It was great – or terrible timing – depending on how you look at it. Terrible timing, because, one of the first things I said to her was: In a while I’ll spin this into a really positive […]

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WISE Talk: 3 Things That Make Me Luckier

Commentary (I didn’t have slides) for the talk I gave for UO WISE. I thought I was going to come and have an informal chat about how interviewing at Google is not that scary, and then I saw Krystal’s tweet. [blackbirdpie id=”55757050474532864″] I freaked out a little, to be honest. Like, woah – I need […]

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Post Grad Rehab: January/February

January is for Career At the start of the month, I asked myself some questions. How do I manage my work email? I want to minimize the time I spend on email, but stay on top of it. So far, it’s ok. I use priority inbox and starred action items and delete aggressively. It’s helpful […]

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Post Grad Rehab: January is for Career

Inevitable with starting a new job, that January my focus would be on my career. I want to spend time on how I can be effective and how I can create value. Some questions I’m contemplating: How do I manage my work email? I want to minimize the time I spend on email, but stay […]

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Artisan or Technician?

My friend Maggie and I were discussing the way compsci’s approach their career. Those who take the artisan track ask “What inspires me? What do I want to create?”; they evaluate their career in terms of the difference (and things) they make. Those who take the technician track say “I’ve checked these boxes and now […]