Book: The Gifts of Imperfection

A book recommendation at the perfect time is a gift. That’s what The Gifts of Imperfection (Amazon) was for me when my coach recommended it. It’s hard, as a result, to describe what I got out of it – I read it in 3 (weekday, working) days – in this place of yes yes yes this […]

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Book: The Coaching Habit

The Coaching Habit (Amazon) is a really helpful book about asking questions. It starts with the premise of offer less advice, and ask more questions (which obviously I am bought into). I also like the concept of “the advice monster”. It probably belabours the point a bit, but it’s a short read so that isn’t too […]

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Book: Scrum

Scrum: a Breathtakingly Brief and Agile Introduction (Amazon) was as brief as the subtitle promised. A friend recommended it as a good primer, and as my understanding of Agile comes from university and osmosis, I bought the book and gave it a read. I appreciated how succinct it was, and feel like I have a […]

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Book: The Manager’s Path

I loved my friend Camille‘s book The Manager’s Path (Amazon). When I became a manger, I assembled myself a little course – some books, blogs, newsletters, and made my way through them. I wish I’d had this book to start off with – it’s the overview I needed, but never found until now. I plan […]

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Book: Devotion

Book cover for Devotion

Someone replied to a Where the Hell is Cate letter recommending I read Devotion (Amazon). Some of it seemed like trite nothings, and the “my love” irritated me. But some pieces of it seemed like profound ideas to meditate on. About love, and acts of love, being present, and showing up doing the work. It’s a short […]

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Book: Leadership and Self-Deception

leadership and self deception

I read Leadership and Self Deception (Amazon) years ago, several times. It was a book that profoundly changed the way that I think about things, the way that I approach the world. When some conflict arose at work, I saw how the ideas in the book would help, and tried to get everyone on my […]

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Book: One Strategy

One Strategy (Amazon) is about building the organisation that built Windows 7. It’s a long book that covers a bunch of things. Most notably: Strategic alignment – how do you get a large organization all on the same page? (Everything else is really a sub-part of this). Planning, middle out. Leadership sets direction, but not […]

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Book: High Output Management

high output management

High Output Management (Amazon) is a really great, interesting and helpful. It’s a little dated, being written in 1983, and I don’t think it was really updated for the 2015 re-release. What I found most useful were the sections about meetings and decision making. What does a good 1:1 look like? How long should it […]

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Book: The Hard Thing About Hard Things

I really, really enjoyed The Hard Thing About Hard Things: Building a Business When There Are No Easy Answers (Amazon). So much so that I read the whole thing in a day (something I regularly do with novels, but not so regularly with non-fiction). It’s compelling because it’s about difficult answers to shitty situations. Because it’s […]

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