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Positive Intelligence

This year (thanks to my coach, Dani) I’ve been spending a lot of time on “PQ” aka “Positive Intelligence” aka “mental fitness”. I read the book, took the six week intensive program, and continue to practice it (almost) every day. What is it? the core premise is that there is the part of your brain […]


Swiftly Speaking

I recorded an episode of Swiftly Speaking with Paul Hudson. We talked about: Privacy and why developers should care about it. Working in Open Source. Public speaking. It is pretty long (~90 mins!) but was super fun to record and go into these topics in depth.


Book: Let’s Talk

Let’s Talk: Make Effective Feedback Your Superpower (Amazon) was so good – I read an interview with the author, ordered it immediately, read it soon after, and was already recommending it to people a few chapters in. It’s a book about feedback, which, cool, plenty of them, and plenty of conversations about feedback. The thing […]


Podcast: Ray Wenderlich / Living By the Code Series

I recorded a podcast based on my Living By the Code interview, and got spicy talking about inclusion, equity, and sponsorship. We also talked about Glowforge, books I love, and what new managers need. [iTunes] [Spotify]

LeadDev management

Empowering your engineering team with an effective decision-making process

My latest for LeadDev… A common area where managers fail to scale is in decision-making. The two extremes are: being responsible means making all decisions and enabling a team means staying out of details and letting them make decisions. Both of these are bad. One is controlling and fails to scale for obvious reasons. The other fails to […]

Career management

As an engineering leader, should you be working with a coach?

Following on from our recent video, my friend Jean and I did a little AMA on the same topic – coaching. You can read the write up here.


Habit: February & March

At the start of the year I wrote that my word for 2021 was habit. In January, I challenged myself to do something creative every day, a habit that I’ve continued (although not quite as diligently). In February, I challenged myself to do two things every day. The first was read a book, the second […]


Co-Active: Fulfillment

After taking Fundamentals in the fall, this year I registered for the four courses I need to take next, the first one: Fulfillment. Having learned from last time, I gave myself a little more space for it – I opted for the half day sessions (0900-1330), planned a day off afterwards, and as it fell […]


Lead Time Chat

My friend Jean and I recorded a little video for her Lead Time Chat series on the topic of coaching. Some topics we covered… The difference between an external coach and a manager. Working with an external coach across multiple jobs. Finding a good fit with a coach. Whether an engineering background is what you […]

management Presentation

Panel: Recognizing and rectifying your mistakes as an engineering leader

Last month I put together a panel for the Lead Dev on recognizing and rectifying your mistakes as an engineering leader. I rarely moderate panels, but for this audience and this topic I was in! The big failure of most panels is that they are full of abstract platitudes. To avoid that – especially on […]