One Year of Staying Still

Today marks a year since I last landed at ORK. After travelling pretty much every month for… years, I have spent a solid year in Ireland. I’ve been fortunate not to lose anyone I love, and pandemic misery aside – I’ve struggled as much as everyone else with the nebulous anxiety of the virus, the […]


Contravariance Podcast

I recorded an episode of Contravariance podcast, on the topic of moving into management – the expected, and unexpected, the hard and the extra hard. [Listen] [Download]

Career Presentation


Slides and commentary for a talk I gave (internally) to Qz in Q4 20202. When I think about growth, I think about drowning rats and boiling frogs. Because this is what growth often feels like – or looks like  – especially when it’s hard and not going particularly well. The rat drowning school of growth […]


Leading your engineering team with ‘experiments’ not ‘processes’

My first post for the LeadDev… Many teams have the same fear when it comes to a new manager: they fear the process monster. Process monster (n): a manager for whom the answer is always, always ‘process’. The process monster will add more and more processes to the team until the team collapses under the […]


Co-Active Fundamentals

In the fall, I finally took the Co-Active Fundamentals program that I had been wanting to take for some time. Once the courses went online, it was easy to sign up for one and I did so pretty much immediately. It was a pretty full on four days, 10-3 or 4, with minimal breaks. All […]

art life

Make Don’t Break #MakeDontBreak

I did the #MakeDontBreak challenge in January, and I wrote up how I found it and what I learned.


2020 in Writing

I sent 13 WTHIC letters from three countries, had five articles in Qz. I was also on the UK Channel 4 News. This blog was seen by just over 25K visitors for a little more than 41K views, and I published just 20 posts (many of which just linked out to the proper post elsewhere). […]

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2020 in Photos

Since 2017, I’ve been posting a photo every day to Instagram and I kept that up last year, posting 363 photos in total. In 2020 most challenging was the monotony of long periods of lockdown, but I’m glad I kept at it. In 2019’s recap post I wrote, “when writing has felt impossible, it’s […]

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2021: Habit

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. ~Will Durant, paraphrasing Aristotle I used to be a fan of setting a word as an intention for the year. I fell off it at some point, or at least off documenting it, I think around the time that my […]


12 Days of Creativity

Something that I was struggling with as 2020 came to a close was that I was leaving the year the same way I started it – feeling burnt out. Whilst things had improved – I had managed to get a better baseline, address life debt, change the situations that had caused me to be burnt […]