Co-Active Fundamentals

In the fall, I finally took the Co-Active Fundamentals program that I had been wanting to take for some time. Once the courses went online, it was easy to sign up for one and I did so pretty much immediately. It was a pretty full on four days, 10-3 or 4, with minimal breaks. All […]

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Make Don’t Break #MakeDontBreak

I did the #MakeDontBreak challenge in January, and I wrote up how I found it and what I learned.


2020 in Writing

I sent 13 WTHIC letters from three countries, had five articles in Qz. I was also on the UK Channel 4 News. This blog was seen by just over 25K visitors for a little more than 41K views, and I published just 20 posts (many of which just linked out to the proper post elsewhere). […]

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2020 in Photos

Since 2017, I’ve been posting a photo every day to Instagram and I kept that up last year, posting 363 photos in total. In 2020 most challenging was the monotony of long periods of lockdown, but I’m glad I kept at it. In 2019’s recap post I wrote, “when writing has felt impossible, it’s […]

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2021: Habit

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. ~Will Durant, paraphrasing Aristotle I used to be a fan of setting a word as an intention for the year. I fell off it at some point, or at least off documenting it, I think around the time that my […]


12 Days of Creativity

Something that I was struggling with as 2020 came to a close was that I was leaving the year the same way I started it – feeling burnt out. Whilst things had improved – I had managed to get a better baseline, address life debt, change the situations that had caused me to be burnt […]


Interview in

I was interviewed for for an article about people who had a good 2020. The original is in Bulgarian, so a moderately edited (in line with my original answers in English) machine translation is below. Cate Huston – a pandemic love story and a new dream job The Englishwoman Cate Huston, engineering director at […]

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The Great DomestiCation

I staged my house, photographed it, and wrote up a very detailed post of the ~year long project that was buying and renovating it. I call it: The Great DomestiCation.


Supermanagers Podcast

I recorded an episode of the Supermanagers podcast and it was really fun! We talked about many things including the importance of coachability, why you should get rid of your boring meetings, and the worst manager I ever had. Listen on: [iTunes] [Spotify] [Google Play] [Anchor]


You can fix your hiring process: Here’s your five-step plan

My latest in Quartz… As a manager who has usually taken over teams that have been struggling in some way, there is something that I’ve consistently had to do: fix the hiring process. Hiring well is a huge lever for team transformation. Getting it right doesn’t just mean hiring good people (although that part is crucial), […]