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Happy New Year!


I’m on my third New Year’s adventure. Last year I went to Montevideo, and the year before to Paris. I’m not big on the holidays, or on New Year’s resolutions, but I like this time of year to escape. The day to day slows down, and for all the markers of time are arbitrary, I find it worthwhile to spend some time chilling out and winding down, going for long walks and trying to find some clarity about the year that’s (nearly!) passed, and think about what I want in the one to come.

2017 has been super tough. I feel like I’ve barely stopped all year, except when I’ve been sick – which has been more than normal. There’s been a lot professionally, and personally – and against a backdrop of the world ending it’s been a lot.

I think I’ve achieved a lot too, but that’s hard to remember right now. I’m hoping the next few days roaming my favourite European city will help me remember what – and come up with some better hopes for 2018 than “less exhausting and terrible”.

Happy New Year, y’all! Thanks for reading 💕

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