Book: One Strategy

one_strategyOne Strategy (Amazon) is about building the organisation that built Windows 7. It’s a long book that covers a bunch of things. Most notably:

  1. Strategic alignment – how do you get a large organization all on the same page? (Everything else is really a sub-part of this).

  2. Planning, middle out. Leadership sets direction, but not details. Everyone is involved.

  3. Making hard choices – what goes in, what gets left out. You can’t make everyone happy and in part as a result of this criticism of the paths not taken is disproportionate.

  4. Communication. Much of the book is internal blog posts from that period.

My favourite thing about this book was the intwining of theory and the blog posts from the period. Fascinating – so many business books are all theory, or micro-case-studies. I loved the combination with what it looks like in practise, and the change over time.

The book inspired me to think about how I want my team aligned, but most of all, how can I be transparent in communicating that?