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Life goal achieved – I met a hedgehog. Petunia is sooooooooooo cute and adorable, and I am madly in love. We got to hang out twice! And it was super super amazing. I probably won’t see her again before I leave though – sadness.

Seattle is – as usual – a social whirl. Catching up with the many many people I know here, and some new ones, and even having people over to my temporary home! I tempered my initial dinner party idea and just had 3 full sized humans and one toddler over, and we ate desert.

My iPhone randomly wiped all the music off it – sadness – and the one U2 album that appeared in it’s place… well there is a limit to how many times I could listen to that and it’s <1. But it meant I finally signed up for some kind of streaming service! I know, I’m so behind the times. But I never wanted such a thing because I have so much music although I rarely buy it since I left the UK… 8 years ago. Now I have it though… it’s so awesome to be able to just listen to whatever I feel in the mood for. Not Apple Music, as I am inclined to blame it for the disappearance. I’m using Spotify.


Work is great, I really like my manager and I learn a lot just being around him. Starting to figure out what I need to be doing, which makes everything seem less overwhelming. Focusing on Android this week.

Hanging out at Glowforge, which is great. Super fun to spend more time with people there, and make things! I hosted an evening for people who are underrepresented in tech which was pretty awesome, and made the Ultimate Selfie.

I need to figure out how to promote Show & Hide more, things really died down after launch week. Trying to carve out time at the weekend to get a bit more on top of that kind of thing.


Reading the Year of Yes.


A new edition of Technically Speaking is out.

Chiu-ki and I did an interview about the newsletter on The Eloquent Woman.

My blog post on making good requests for mentorship is up on Be Leaderly.

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How are you finding Spotify? And do you use or anything to track your listening?

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