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Croatia, June 2015

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Croatia was on my list of Places to Go for two reasons: firstly, the Plitvice lakes. Secondly, The Museum of Broken Relationships. It didn’t disappoint.

After arriving we drove straight from Zagreb Airport to Plitvice, modulo some time negotiating an automatic rental car. It’s a longish drive but really pretty, although we get lost a bunch. We stayed at the Ethno Hotel which is OK, although the food is expensive and unappealing.

Our first full day, and the third morning we spend exploring the lakes, which are spectacular. The water is so blue, the trees are so green. It’s amazing. The day in between we go kayaking and quad biking from Mirjana Rastoke which is pretty fun.

Then we leave for Zagreb, where we stay at the Sheraton.

Our first stop is the Museum of Broken Relationships, reached via the Funicular. It is everything I had hoped, and I collected a Storify of my tweets from there. We also went to the Botanical Gardens, which were pretty, and the Gallery of Naive art, which was cool, and a museum about the history of Zagreb.

After the Museum of Broken Relationships, my favourite places was the mjo kocacic gallery. Paintings are created on glass, and built up from the foreground first. Fascinating technique, and the use of colour is stunning! The woman running the gallery gave me a beautiful coffee table book because I stayed so long just staring at the art.

All in all I loved Croatia, especially Zagreb, hopefully I’ll be able to go back there sometime and stay for a while. It’s a great city.

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