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Quiet week, things have calmed down and I reactivated my twitter account, but I’ve been dealing with the emotional fallout. By dealing with I mean: going to the gym twice a day and booking plane tickets. Got so much support from people I feel guilty about feeling less than stellar about things, but I guess it’s normal.

Gave myself a week off blogging to have some space, but I’ve been making time to write which has been good, I think.


Finalized my plans for December, which is super exciting. Got an invite to ORDCamp which looks really cool!

Launched the Technically Speaking anniversary, which is super exciting. We have tshirts!

Working mainly on Show and Hide and fighting with iTunes Connect. Every app I uploaded was in this endless processing state, which was super frustrating, and with no error messages I had no idea what to try. It finally worked and I’ll be able to push a new build as soon as that’s approved (so: more waiting). Also working with branding / UX on final final details… should be able to launch soon.


So much time in the gym means I watched a lot of TV! Finished The Mindy Project (I love the Mindy Project so much), also I am Cait, and Keeping up with the Kardashians Season 10. Getting into season 9 of Big Bang Theory.

Finished  The Truth About Burnout (mostly interesting as it intersects with other things I think about), and re-reading Hot Seat (I loved this book so much the first time! And now I have a physical copy with a full sized font). Abandoned Everybody Rise for No Novel November which is a relief because I’m not in the mood for books about women making poor life choices and needing to be rescued right now.

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A new edition of Technically Speaking is out.

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