This Week

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Last week in Berlin. Sad to leave, but looks like I’ll be back at the end of the month so that is something to look forward to.

Catching up with people before I leave, and had a couple of people come to visit, which was awesome.


Focusing on the workshop. So. Much. Work. But nearly there.

Gave a practise version of my Unit Testing: Beyond the Model talk at 6Wunderkinder.


Usual haunts: Roamers, Tabibito, ReisschaleMelbourne CanteenRon Telesky Canadian PizzaManouche.

Also Yumcha Heroes (so tasty), Café Fleury (amazing chocolate cake), Goodtime (super spicy thai), Fräulein Wild, Chaapa (lycheewein!)

Went to the Checkpoint Charlie museum which was cool – so many stories of the escapes from the DDR. People were so ingenious!

Also took a walk around Templehofer Park – an abandoned airfield not far from where I’ve been living. It’s a cool space, so huge but so central, but we had a lot of trouble trying to find out way out!


Finished watching Drop Dead Diva! Started watching Gossip Girl.

Reading a preview copy of Hot Seat which is fantastic – I’m really enjoying it. Also read The House We Grew Up In, great novel.

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I was quoted in the New York Times and Silicon Beat.

A new version of Technically Speaking is out.

I (and others) shared some predictions for 2015 on the blog –

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