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5 Books to Read Instead of Wadhwa

Credit: Pixabay / Hermann

I’m quoted in this New York Times article, which is awesome. And one of the things I like about it, is that it calls out that the published research doesn’t actually back up some of the points Wadhwa has been making. So it seemed timely to write up some books that I think would be a better read for people who want to learn more about this topic.

Unlocking the Clubhouse [Amazon] [my review]: Thorough exploration of why women don’t study CS at university, and what are effective ways to improve that. Notice the publication date.

Whistling Vivaldi [Amazon] [my review]: The definitive work on the effects of stereotype threat, and how it effects women and people of colour.

Delusions of Gender [Amazon]: Breaks down the difference between genetics and socialisation, explains how little of the difference between men and women we can attribute to gender, hormones etc.

The Male Factor [Amazon] [my review]: One of the most depressing but helpful books I have ever read, analysis of a mass survey that helps us understand how women are perceived in the workplace.

Women Don’t Ask [Amazon]: On women and negotiation, explains why it’s not always viable to just “ask for more”.