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Met some new people, hung out with people again. Including lunch at Etsy, which was lovely. Also caught up with one of my friends on VC, which was awesome.

Made it to 5 in my 10 men in tech I don’t hate project! Feels like a milestone. I want to venture outside of Berlin now.

Set to leave Berlin March 3rd, and then after Amsterdam I’ll be heading to Malta for a week.


Fixed the crash bug on iOS, which only occurred when compiler optimisations were on! Ended up being an off-by-1 error caused by rounding creating a theoretically unreachable value and accessing an array out of bounds. This is why coding in C is horrible (but – such fast performance).

Finished the UI on Android, added saving settings, and got cracking on the image processor. Writing tests!

The UI for GitHub appears to have broken, so I have had to retreat to the command line (why do we computer).

Finished prepping my mdevcon talk, got some good feedback. I’m pretty excited about it! Next: the workshop.

Announced our first Technically Speaking webinar Feb 12th. So excited!


As usual went to my fave haunts: breakfast at the Croissanterie, Roamers, Chipps, and sushi at Tabibito.

Dinner Reisschale, pizza at Il Ritrovo, drinks and (terrible) tapas at Bateau Ivre, sandwich at Barcomi, hot chocolate at Myxa Cafe, breakfast at Zimt and Mehl, asian tapas at Transit, checked out the Neue Heimat market.

Went to the alley that houses three things that commemorate resistance against the Nazis, which is a view on the terrible history here that made me feel less disconsolate at the end of the day. First stop was the memorial Gedenkstätte Stille Helden, them the Anne Frank Zentrum, which was really moving [tweets]. I read the diary when I was a kid, but I learned there that she was actually working it into a book. Finally, the Museum Blindenwerkstatt Otto Weidt which was pretty amazing. Firstly, it’s accessible (belatedly made me realise how most museums are not). Secondly, the stories! Otto was visually impaired himself and actually went off to rescue one of his employees who had been taken away. Wow.


Watching Girls Season 2, which I’m pretty sure I don’t like. I think I just find every character kind of horrible in some way.

I still hate the Black Swan but I will finish it. Soon. I hope.

Novels: Me and My Sisters, The Secrets Sisters Keep (a pair, quite liked these), Rebuilding Coventry (by Sue Townsend, bit bizarre), Suddenly Single (part way through, not sure where it is going).


A new edition of Technically Speaking is out.

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