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I need a vacation, and by vacation I mean I need to move away and find a new job, on a beach, with rum.
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Fun in Dubai, meeting up with a friend I did ski instructor training with – we’ve hung out in Canada, and Sydney, and now Dubai, but never the UK… despite us both being British! Then quick turnaround, headed to Berlin to hang out with another friend over from Australia, which was awesome, I’ve missed her so much. And got the keys to the apartment I’m subletting from the start of January. I’m excited to come live in Berlin and hopefully add to my 4 words of German…

This past week or so has ended up being a vacation, which I seem to have scheduled rather than planned. But still – I’ve taken so little time off this past year, a long weekend for the Luminale in Frankfurt, and a ski trip that I missed because I was stuck in NYC have been the extent of my vacation plans! So I feel refreshed and energised and excited to get coding again. Also, more clarity of thought than I feel like I’ve had lately – there’s something about stepping back from your day to day that helps you see it more clearly, I think.


Just bits and pieces that couldn’t wait, and a couple of hours between naps and flights sorting out screenshots etc for the app store.

I am pretty psyched that I have nothing scheduled Jan/Feb and can just focus… since the iOS app is details away from shipping, I’m going to start porting to Android soon. Will be fun!


Went a bit mad and bought 24 novels in one go. Maybe a fit of excitement after dwelling in the regency period for so long. Finished with Venetia, one of my faves. Read One Hundred Christmas Proposals, which is a (thankfully short) follow up to One Hundred Proposals which I had quite liked, but it was nauseating. Also read Saving Grace, by Jane Green, which was great, and The Woman Who Stole My Life by Marian Keyes which I loved, highly recommend, Keyes is such a great author (I wish I could find all her books for Kindle). Getting Rid of Matthew was OK, and Not Without You by Harriet Evans, I really, really liked.

Still plodding through The Black Swan. It seems to be about 10% content, and 90% random stuff about the guys life, which I am not particularly interested in.

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A new edition of Technically Speaking is out.

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