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Copenhagen and Malmo

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It’s always nice to return to a city I liked a second time, once I’ve been somewhere twice I’m sure I’ll end up there again. Copenhagen was one of my first solo trips, that was just to see the city and not for work or some activity of some sort. The thing I missed last time was Tivoli Gardens, partly through jetlag, and partly through thinking it would be more fun with someone else so I was super happy we got to go this time! We followed it with a trip to Sticks’n’Sushi, (Danish sushi chain) I’d been to the one in London and it was amazing.

We also got to go back to the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek where I’d seen the Degas ballerina which had been a highlight of my last trip. Before I found it almost at random, in the last room I went in before leaving. This time it was in it’s own little enclosure, the centrepiece of a room, deservedly so.

We also took a walk around Kastellet (the star shaped island), and saw the Little Mermaid which I had been near but hadn’t seen last time. One of my other favourite things from Copenhagen was the graveyards, which are incredibly beautiful. We walked through Holmens Kirkegård

Food-wise, we had lunch (brunch) at Cafe Galvan, dinner at Pluto, and cake at Conditorie La Glace (fancy!), and we stayed at the Kong Arthur hotel which was nice. They fixed our room to have to single beds with a free upgrade, which was nice, although the breakfast was overpriced and meh.


Malmö was mostly conference, although we did have a little bit of time to explore, but it’s pretty small so I mostly just wondered around. The conference took us to a spa and for dinner at City Hall, and I found some fantastic sushi and ate there for lunch most days. We also found some fantastic Asian Fusion, and Chinese restaurants for dinner, and a place for breakfast, where I had something that was kinda like a pretzel muffin.

Chiu-Ki and I took the train to Lund to go and see this mechanical clock which was a bit underwhelming, although Lund is pretty. We also had sushi!

I was staying at the Comfort Hotel which was better than I expected although the rooms were pretty cramped.

All in all, was a great trip!

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