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Flew back from Sweden, and spent the following day in London which was exhausting, but awesome! Got to catch up with friends and see the poppies at the Tower of London before they get taken down. It was crazy busy but fantastic, a couple gave us their tickets so we go to go inside briefly. After all the rushing about lately, was great to spend 4 days holed up focusing on stuff.


Making progress on the app! Looking much better, hoping we’ll be ready to release it soon.


Finished How To Deliver a TED Talk, now reading The Ethical Slut, and The Black Swan, and watching The O.C.


Spent some quality time at Copenhagen airport (great food), and in London had breakfast at the Strand Palace Hotel, lunch at Beany Green, tea at Tapped and Packed, dinner at Kurumaya.

Went to the Tower of London and saw the Poppies – absolutely incredible.


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