Book: Principle Centered Leadership

principle centered leadership I think Principle Centered Leadership (Amazon) was the most annoying, preachy, and useless book I have ever read. Really disappointing as I got a lot out of 7 Habits (Amazon) and thought reading this would similar enough to refresh my thinking, but also something new.

Actually I hated it so much, I may never manage to read 7 Habits again either.

As far as I could make out, the first third of the book evangelised the idea of getting up at 5 in the morning. The last bit evangelised religion, and either implied or outright said the necessity of religion for being a decent human being (something that I, as an atheist, obviously completely disagree with). I don’t really know, at that point I was too annoyed to care.

In the middle he talked a lot about parenting, about family mission statements, and about his children. But only his male children.

Don’t read this book. The real mystery is why I made it to the end. I just kept thinking there must be something worthwhile in it! But there wasn’t.

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