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Hectic week with lots of social commitments, out with a friend one night, at a women in tech meet-up another night, had a chat with someone about their challenges recruiting women (followed by a solo-mini-Cate-time, sushi, a book, and a long walk), met up with someone about potentially speaking at their conference, caught up with some people I used to work with who happened to be in town, and recorded a podcast interview for my upcoming talk at modevUX. Weekend was more chill, gym time, afternoon tea with friends, wondered home through Hyde Park (very pretty! There was actually sunshine!) and prep for my talk at the Lovelace Colloquium next week.

Finally traded in my busted up band for an up24, I really like the automatic syncing.


Productive, but exhausting. Couldn’t even face leaving with my laptop on Friday night (in case I wanted to work from home on Monday), just looked at it and felt can’t and left it behind.


Dinner at Cubana (meh) and Cocochan (always fab, but expensive), and Moti Mahal (expensive but delicious). Afternoon tea at Bond and Brook, which was fab.


Hooked on Veronica Mars, starting to hate it because I like it too much. Still reading An Absolute Deception, and 4 Hour Body (reading slowly to try out tips as I go), and also started Manage Your Day To Day.

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