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Ha. What life? Snow cancelled my vacation and kept me in NYC past the end of my work trip. I guess there are worse places to be stranded, but I was so looking forward to skiing, and had carted my gear half way around the northern hemisphere. In the end, it was snowing too much for it to be fun to wonder about (they do not have snow figured out in NYC) so I spent Saturday holed up the hotel catching up on a bunch of writing, venturing outside a couple of blocks for a delicious brunch, an early dinner, and getting some exercise in the hotel gym – which has a great view of the city.

At least I know quite a few people in NYC, and got to hang out with them – and meet some new people I had previously only spoken to on Twitter.

Registered for the Be The Eloquent Woman workshop at the start of April, which I’m excited about. And in the middle of April I’m speaking at the Lovelace Colloquium, with some intimidatingly brilliant people – here’s the announcement.


Possibly my most exhausting week ever. Facilitated this three day workshop/design sprint. Got some really positive feedback already, and I’m really happy with a lot of the things that came out of it… but so socially exhausting!

Now trying to get into more coding, although I always find this switch from uber-social and reactive going back to quiet contemplation hard. I’m also trying to “hack” together a demo, and I’m so bad at hacking, the pull to write production quality and tested code is strong! But after a couple of good nights of sleep, and shutting myself away in my hotel room I did manage to hack together a little demo.

It’s interesting how completely exhausted that level of social activity left me. And hungry – I was rushing about with barely any time to eat on Tuesday and Wednesday in particular, and when it was all over and I could breath out, I was out for dinner with some friends everything was extra yummy. It felt like it was the first I had really tasted what I was eating in days.


Finished All For You by Sheila O’Flanagan, reading Principle-Centered Leadership  by Stephen R. Covey (7 Habits guy), and Bookends by Jane Green.

Went to see Once, which was amazing – my first ever Broadway show as somehow I never made it to one when I used to come to NYC all the time!

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