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Getting a Jump on the Day

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I’ve determined that 6am workout classes are the way to prioritize and fit in exercise. As a result, I’ve discovered that there’s something quite depressing about oversleeping and thinking “because I did not get up at 5:30 I am not going to fit in everything I want to do today”.

But on Monday I made it, and again this morning. And instead I thought – this is how committed I am to achieving everything I want to.

Crazy audacious goals, are, by their nature, hard to reach. The hardest part of a 6am workout is just making it out the door. Manage that, and the rest is pretty easy.

I’m trying a new strategy here. I have an option of two 6am classes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. One is spin, which I adore, and have to leave at 5:45 for. The other is bootcamp, which is a little scarier, and I have to leave at 5:55 for. So I set my alarm for 5:30 and on Monday my feer of bootcamp propelled me out the door and up the road in time. This morning I was groggy after a later night than I should have had (Girl Geek dinner) and ended up at bootcamp.

Which wasn’t as bad as I feared. And whilst it’s likely that I still won’t achieve absolutely everything I want to today, I do feel that I made the best start I could.

What strategies do you employ for tricking yourself into things? And fitting everything in?


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Exercise strategies: If I am in an office that isn’t too far from home, my favorite strategy is to use exercise as my way home. If I am very tired, I let myself walk the whole way. Otherwise I start with a jog. If I am not in an office, I find dressing for exercise first thing in the morning forces me to exercise, simply because I do not want to look silly the rest of the day.

Work strategies: I start with my least favorite work of the day in the morning, and agree to myself to dedicate a set period of time to it. By the end of the day, though I am tired, I am working on the stuff I truly love – so I don’t mind pushing it out and getting a rhythm – it feels almost like a reward rather than work. If I am working into the night, I like to have a nice bottle of wine sitting on the table, and when I reach that point when I am very tired, I open it up, and let myself relax with a glass into the final stretches.

Those are good strategies – when I worked from home I used to do the workout clothes thing too! I used to love walking to school in Ottawa, I found the 30 minutes gave me time to clear my head and mindfully decide what my priorities were that day… I actually sometimes miss my commute! Now I live about 2 minutes from the office, I have to be more deliberate to find that thinking time.

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