Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-09-25

  • Trying out a new trainer. (@ Edge Personal Training) #
  • Things that make my day, emails from girls in CS telling me they don't want to be a product manager! <3 #
  • Ooh it's @GirlGeeksKW with @CarolLeaman this week! Who's going? #
  • Oooh, impressive! Guy painted into a wall of soda – /via @cutergecko #
  • We are still looking for door prizes for @GirlGeeksKW tomorrow night! Ping me if you can help! #
  • Got something you should be doing? Distract yourself with illustration of stages of procrastination! /via @serenangai #
  • American colleague on buying cars in Canada: "it's weird. There are places I know where you can buy a gun easier". #
  • The only religion that makes any sense – God is a programmer – /via @travelingsw #
  • Fantastic evening with the amazing @lccarson ! Feel so energized and motivated and inspired now! #
  • It's @GirlGeeksKW tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @CarolLeaman speaking. Sooooooo excited! #
  • Oh! What a fabulous umbrella! Want! #
  • Cool stop-motion sculpture of a mobius strip. Mesmerizing! #
  • This video and song is amazing and hilarious – Cup of Brown Joy – #
  • Teammate: "I don't think you're wealthy enough to be eccentric. You might just be crazy". #
  • Ready for @girlgeekskw! (@ Oliver & Bonacini Cafe Grill) #
  • Our new car! So pretty! #
  • Amazing talk from @CarolLeaman! Thanks to @Pj_Lowe's great organizing and @michellekostya's fab social mediaing @GirlGeeksKW was a success! #
  • Very excited to wear my "I've got standards" tshirt, from msft's @ruthm! Thanks to everyone who came! Stay tuned for October announcement! #
  • "Sometimes you just have to do an experiment in order to figure out what's going to happen"- amazing vid, thx @lccarson #
  • This is charming – my life has a superb cast – /via @rands #
  • Witnessed colleague eat a bowl of cereal with a sausage in it earlier. Maintain we cannot have a serious conversation whilst that happening. #
  • Interesting article (last week) on FB's first female engineer – "difficult to break into the boys club" (I bet!) #
  • Which browser is on the windows phone 7? What version of IE is it equivalent to? /cc @ruthm @alfredtwo #
  • Here for a career mash with ccict (@ Communitech Hub w/ 3 others) #
  • Hearing that programming is "geeky" and "isolated". Unimpressed by that, and handily I wrote about why last week – #
  • Oooh, tree houses! /via @aranoff #
  • Hardest yet and thought I was going to fall asleep on the spin bike but met my goal of 3 6am workouts this week! #
  • Taking our new car home! #

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