Awesome Foundation inspiration

Why Do You Awesome?

Nathaniel of the soon-to-be-launched Awesome Foundation Seattle wrote a charming post about why he’s excited for it to happen asking people why they are involved in AF.

Here’s why I love AWESOME!

I was Instigator of Awesome @AwesomeOttawa and am currently a Co-Conspirator @KWAwesomeFound.

I’m a software engineer, so I just need a computer and an internet connection to make things. Awesome Foundation is an opportunity to enable people who need a bit more than a laptop and some wifi to make things that are exciting.

The people I’ve met have been amazing. The grantees – such wonderful projects. Also the other trustees – there’s something about people who are willing to punt $100 regularly on something crazy and experimental. I adore them.

Perhaps the biggest thing, though, is that Awesome Foundation removes the bureaucracy. The money goes straight to the person and the project. No admin overhead. No buildings to pay for. Yes, it’s not tax deductible, but I think impact per dollar is way higher than for the standard non-profit model, and certainly than tax dollars.

Ultimately, I love being part of AF because I believe that we can empower individuals to make wonderful things. Maybe some of it will be the start of something genuinely world-changing. But some projects will just make the people who see them happier – and that’s pretty awesome too.