Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-06-05

  • On event website, name not mentioned, instead "female google engineer". @douglasgresham: "ah the lesser-spotted female google engineer". #
  • Seattle Awesome Needs You. An open call to help start Awesome Foundation #Seattle @awesomefound #AwesomeSEA #
  • Fascinating article from @zephoria – Publicity and the Culture of Celebritization – #
  • Adore this – Don’t Mope In Your Room. Go Invent Something – #
  • Yay teammate is back from California! Him: "a cupcake". Me: "yes, I missed you. And I want you to review that refactoring…" #
  • When speaking, why you should share the stories you think are too difficult to tell – and a great example – #
  • ZS on github's attitude to users. Also, when this is how guys in OSS behave, lack of women no surprise – /via @fosslc #
  • “@fosslc: Github side of the story re: zed shaw being trolled. Looks like their actions were professional to me.” #
  • Glitchbot – interesting use of cc-licensing and automated art – #
  • Mesmerizing – mirrored skyline time-lapses – #
  • Images, videos and commentary for last week's talk – Software Engineering for Superheros – #
  • Final installment in spa saga: booked in at wrong one, 15 mins late but was okay and now happier and more chilled out. Finally! #
  • "The only wrong answer is to choose none of them and remain where you are, sinking ever deeper into the quicksand." – #
  • Did you get your ticket for Steel Rails yet? #
  • Interesting article – You're solving the wrong problem – /via @kateho #
  • This building is awesome! I hope they build it – /via @sarar @MaryamAshoori #
  • Excited for the Freeman Dyson talk hosted by PI! Here with @spizzy, marvelous @melle was organized and obtained tickets, <3 my faux fiancée! #
  • So excited for @ghc! I'm going! Trying to get as many colleagues as possible from @googlecanada there too – register! #
  • Incredible commencement speech from Chris Anderson, love his take on "follow your dreams" advice – /via @rlm_ottawa #
  • Lots of firemen at the office today! Unfortunately the alarm means we can't be in there with them. #
  • More from Study Hacks on debunking "follow your passion" advice – – inspired by this NTY article #
  • PM not wild about my once-a-day-if-that approach to email. Doesn't help when I get confused and go to wrong meeting :-s oopsie! #
  • Forced focus, trade-offs in batching – is it worth it? I'm finding my approach to email makes me more effective – #
  • Interesting – Why stereotype threat keeps girls out of math and science and what to do about it: /via @NCWIT #
  • no! Ordered it for kindle – thanks for the recommendation! #
  • AF Seattle is coming – why are we involved in @awesomefound? Nathaniel in Seattle on why – and me – #
  • This is awesome! We've acquired @postrank #
  • Really cool concept for a bracelet – love (and want!) – record a sound file, soundwaves become the bead design – #
  • Slightly hangover after celebrating with marvelous @melle, survived spinning to be drenched on way home. Horrible weather! Need a nap now! #
  • I have an iPad 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally!!!!! And in semi-related news, @douglasgresham is the best boyfriend ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #

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