Making Mondays Manageable

Manic Monday
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I’ve been getting really stressed out on Mondays lately. I realized why when I called someone out on doing the exact same thing.

Monday mornings I do my “snippets” – I make a list of things I achieved the previous week. And I mentally plan what I want to achieve over the course of the coming week.

Towards the end of the day, I start stressing out and berate myself for not making a big enough dent in the list for the week.

I’ve got a number of things happening this week. I’m nervous about one of them in particular. But, I’m trying to reframe Monday as a day where I set myself up for a successful week, rather than day in which I complete a week’s worth of tasks.

Happy Monday! What can you do today to facilitate a productive week?

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I went for a run at lunchtime today. It wrecked me, but it felt like I did something I was putting off. Goal for all future Mondays – do one thing I have been putting off for more than two weeks.

That is a genius goal! I’m trying to adopt it too.
This week – cleaned out closet 🙂

I like doing my reviews on Fridays or Saturdays, when I’ll have good momentum, lots of things checked off over the week, and a weekend to replan if I really need to catch up (or relax if I need that!). It’s important to figure out when you start the week. I start my weeks on Saturday, and use the weekend to enjoy life and prepare the foundation for a good week. <grin>

I’ve tried starting my week on Saturday. It was helpful in grad school but now things flow less into the weekend and I see it as a distinct thing. Weekends are Cate-time! No work email, no work-work, just stuff that I want to do (some people might call it work, I mostly find it fun). Taking time on Monday to consider what I achieved last week and want to achieve this week is super helpful. But expecting to do a whole week’s work in a day is not 🙂

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