Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-03-20

  • Running 5 minutes late this morning I managed to stab myself in the eye with my mascara wand. Not a great start to the week. #
  • Absolutely ADORE this video – cover of Bruno Mars Just the Way You Are, made awesome in 1 take through use of ipads – #
  • We can all learn from Google's 8-point Plan to Build a Better boss – make time, and be consistent – #
  • Interesting article in Slate about whether women make a free choice when they don't choose science and eng – #
  • LOVE JR's TED Wish – turn the world inside out, a global art project – /via @angrycelery #
  • After 3 months, uOttawa noticed I've escaped. Apparently I can reapply and pay a bunch of fees and tuition… yeah, no thanks! #
  • I af feeling, "but wait, I broke up with YOU" though – I'm sure it will pass. Work is awesome and grad school with crappy supervisor SUCKED. #
  • One of my supervisors was really awesome, but unfortunately he was at another university. Anyway, life is better now – twitter-therapy over! #
  • Byeee winter can it be spring when I get back? (@ Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ) ✈ w/ 4 others) #
  • Gah trying to add US data to my fido is making yesterday's mascara eye stabbing experience seem pleasant by comparison. #
  • This is awesome! Speaker orchestra, so many beautiful colors – #
  • I'm sad to say goodbye but it's time – stepping down from @awesomeottawa #
  • Love this talk – Courtney Martin: Reinventing feminism – Act in the face of the overwhelm – /ht Meggin #
  • Another visa application, another panic about being deported! #
  • This is fabulous – the secret society for creative philanthropy – I adore! #
  • Utterly charming – aMoment, the latest award from @awesomefound Melbourne – #
  • No iPads! Soooooooooo distraught! (@ Apple Store) #
  • I LOVE this from feministing – She Should Write. Who will you ask to share her perspective? #
  • Still no iPad for cate. Starting not to want one anymore! (@ Apple Store w/ 2 others) #
  • Love my colleague Ken's new feature, hope you do too! #
  • Woahh bowling alley here. Random! #
  • Enjoying sunny california. I had a picnic! Outside! In the sunshine! It was awesome. Daylight, how I've missed it. #
  • The rampant misogyny in the US is so depressing – women compared to appliances, utilities, and cows – #
  • Deep breath – put in "Why do Programmers Have to Lie to Get Dates" to #IgniteWaterloo 5. Thanks @melle for encouragement! #
  • Haha this is exactly what work is like – /via @spizzy #
  • Best thing about being in MTV: TGIF. Chocolate flavored frozen yogurt and picnics in the sunshine a close second! #
  • It's an accumulator from the ENIAC! Also, I have now seen both babbage machines. Total geek cred 🙂 #
  • "computer programming is an art" #
  • This is an amusing story, "a… woman… engineer". #
  • Is this the original case of techies thinking they know what women want? And being so very wrong. #
  • About to see live demo! #
  • Woahhh! Yes it is a computer, the earliest invented. Built a long time later by the science museum in London! #

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