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I feel like September went by in a complete blur. I’ve been jittering about and haven’t actually spent 7 days straight in Ottawa since the start of August – exhausting! The highlight was definitely going to my first Grace Hopper celebration.

Get a Great Job

Have rented a beautiful loft in Kitchener, two blocks from the new office. Moving at the end of October! Yay!

Get a Paper Published

Met with co-supervisor, but no real progress in September – too much rushing about. Moving back to weekly goals this week, and am finally back in my office with a stack of papers to read!


As above.

Create More Stuff

Not much success at that in September! Too stressed with everything else that is going on.

Be in Better Shape

Noticeably better. Working out with my trainer a lot for my last month in Ottawa and then switching to LA Fitness when I get to Kitchener, also have a recommendation for hot yoga. Need to find kickboxing and pole dancing classes.

Be More Balanced

This past month has been insane – crazy highs and rough lows. I need to go back to being on a more even keel emotionally and make progress. And less rushing about and more progress on graduation! It’s hard because I’m so excited about my next adventure I just want to be done already!

Make More Time for my Boyfriend

I have to write separately about this, but I’m feeling Jenny Blake’s open letter to love.

Random Aspirations

  • Go somewhere new – looks like I won’t be able to make it to India because of things happening in December, but I totally think Grace Hopper counts as my somewhere new this year! Was the most awesome 3 days!

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re: pole dancing classes! I have never been to Impact Studios, but I have yet to hear anybody who’s ever taken their pole dancing class say something negative about it other than how intense of a workout it is: Classes are pay as you go, so you can drop in whenever your intense schedule allows!

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