passing of time
Credit: flickr / raysto

I started doing the month in review thing and only did it for 2 months before things went a bit nuts/fell apart and I gave myself a break from high-level goals to focus on putting stuff back together. However, now the summer is over it seems like a good time to restart!

Get a Great Job

Check. Starting January. Now need to find somewhere to live.

Get a Paper Published

Not quite there. Plan is to create journal paper with previous work and work that completes it. Have also rethought my direction over the summer so this will have a different focus.


Needs to happen by January. Courses all done, will write thesis and then journal paper, or vice versa.

Create More Stuff

Been working on visualizations for Caitlin’s thesis (Future of Newspaper posts) – really enjoying that. Have some other ideas that I’d like to get to – hopefully in the fall.

Be in Better Shape

Not where I want to be (as ever) but got back into working out over the summer and I’m much fitter than I was at the start of the year. Will be working out with trainer 3x a week when I get back to Canada, and will try and kickbox 2-3 times a week as well. Also, tried poledancing which was fun, so might take another session of that too.

Be More Balanced

I don’t know really how I’ve done at this, but I have had an imbalance that I’m happier with at least!

Make More Time for my Boyfriend

We broke up so this is now moot. Abandoned being a “better girlfriend” and have since started experimenting with dating someone who doesn’t make me feel so crushingly inadequate.

Random Aspirations

  • Be More Awesome
  • Write an e-book – talked about with mentor, we have an idea, just need to make time to work on it.
  • Go somewhere new – if things work out, looking at December in India doing yoga
  • Do things that scare me – interviewed at Google, moving to Waterloo!
  • Do something awesome – making Awesome Ottawa happen, now CompSci woman, Extreme Blue.
  • Take every opportunity
  • Learn, every day