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Tomorrow is the last day of Extreme Blue. At the US Expo in New York last week, I stood 6ft from Sam Palmisano, and listened to him talk about IBM’s vision for a smarter planet. He spoke about why we need to build a smarter planet and how IBM is trying to engineer this vision.

That was the day that I “got it”. Earlier the same day, Nick Donofrio had talked to us about the origin of Extreme Blue, the importance of focusing on the problem and how IBM almost died in 1993 and how, since the reinvention, the company approaches innovation.

Numerous IBMers have talked to me about how great it is to work for a company that has reinvented itself multiple times. Finally, I understand the magnitude of the change – I get it. I am proud to be an IBMer – even if it has only been temporary.

However, here’s the most awesome thing. It doesn’t feel temporary. Wherever happens – wherever I go next, whatever I end up doing – I’m taking these values with me.

Focus on the Problem.


Act with Integrity.

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  1. Extreme Blue is certainly the experience of a lifetime. It’s unfortunate that the gulf between being an Extreme Blue intern and being a full-timer at IBM is so … vast.

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