Really good. Feel like I’m making good progress on all my goals! Yay!

Get a Great Job

So far:

  • Waiting for updated resume to come back.
  • Got offered IBM Extreme Blue Internship! Yay!


  • Finalize resume
  • Send to people who’ve shown an interest
  • Fill in paperwork and get work visa for internship
  • Be a great intern.

Get a Paper Published

  • Paper submitted, just waiting to hear back.
  • Outline for next paper in head, deadline coming next week I may go for


Still to do:

  • Finish course requirement (4/5 done)
  • Complete seminar requirement
  • Submit two papers
  • Write up into thesis

Create More Stuff

I’m not doing great at this, but I’m okay with that at the moment. I have ideas that I’m excited about, and once I’m done school… I’ll be able to work on them. I went to a Team Camp event, so even if I’m not creating much myself I’m at least helping other people create!

Be in Better Shape

  • I kickboxed 3 times last week! Yay! Joined the gym again, so trying to balance. But I’m working out a lot more, and I’m in much fitter physically, so that’s great.
  • Ski instructing is going pretty well, I’ve been teaching fewer small children – which is awesome.
  • Cross-country ski – need to go again – the weather has not been great for this.
  • I should go swimming more – try to increase this.

Be More Balanced

  • End my week on Friday, so I don’t frantically try and complete things over the weekend. – still finding this really helpful.
  • I’m working less in the evenings, mostly because I’m getting up earlier. But I’m balancing better, if I work in the evening, it’s mostly because I want to, or I took time off in the day to work out. That’s OK!

Make More Time for my Boyfriend

  • We’re doing much better and hanging out more. We just started watching My Family.

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