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Would You Give Up Your Blog?

I have this fear: when I graduate I will have nothing to blog about. But reading about Forrester’s move lately has left me pondering a different question – what if taking a great job, meant ending my blog.

I don’t think I would – would you?

Forrester is (slightly) different because it’s to do with IP, but could that kind of move extend towards a software engineer? I.e. when I spend an evening writing about usability, or software products, that should be the IP of the company I work for during the day?

I don’t think it should be. I hope that I will get a job at a company that embraces openness, and social media. That realizes that Twitter is a valuable resource for information, and not a time sink. I don’t think, if it came to it, I could stop blogging. I have this hankering to share, to document, to comment.

When I was applying for university, some students who had planned gap years and applied to Oxbridge were asked if they would give up their gap year to secure their place. This was a question that those who had planned gap years were told to prepare for – and caused some soul searching.

It’s a different form of the same question, I guess, how much do you want something – and how much will you give up in order to get it?

I can think of some things I really want. But nothing I’d give up my blog for. How about you?