Week in Brief

  • Outline Paper
  • Write paper – sent draft to supervisors! Hopefully doesn’t need too much more work.
  • Ski instructing
  • Ski training – had a lesson when training was on :'(
  • Kickbox twice and Gym twice – gave up, hurt my back skiing and so overwhelmed by paper.
  • WISE Inspiring Women event
  • CATAWIT event
  • Marking
  • Deal with medical insurance – hahaha like this was going to happen!
  • Graph more people
  • Interview – through to next round!


  • Got winter tyres on car
  • Cleared up the apartment
  • Went swimming
  • Blog post featured on Brazen Careerist
  • Cooked! Made soup and sesame chicken thing (minor setback after poisoned myself with sesame/peanut stuff)
  • Meeting about next project with comms people
  • Successfully drove to Carleton, arrived on time, without hysterics

For next week (reading week so I can kick back a little – I need to!):

  • Finish paper and submit
  • Proctoring and Marking
  • Ski instructoring
  • Interview
  • Meeting RE resume
  • Career fair thing
  • Skiing
  • Buy outfit for interview
  • Go to spa
  • Relax – read book
  • Have fun!
  • Work out lots
  • Get on top of email
  • Get on top of The List