Week in Brief

For this week:

  • Exchange drivers license for Ontario one.
  • Sort out insurance.
  • Collect car.
  • Finish incorporating papers into thesis – about 1/3 of the way through with this.
  • Embed applets – made progress, demo applet embedded. Regular ones have small bug.
  • Decide which course to take.
  • Go kickboxing twice – sick, only made it once :'(
  • Fill out forms for ski instructor job.
  • Schedule another Processing jam – no firm date, need to coordinate with JP.
  • Find replacement for SASS.
  • Deal with medical insurance – didn’t start. Next week!
  • Code more on installation, finish data-structures if possible.
  • Create outline for Science teacher talk.
  • Create slides for 15 Tools.
  • Resume – See this post.


  • Started scheduling blog-posts, one is being published at 0800h every day. Backed up to the middle of next week.
  • Had my first DGD! Apparently my students liked me. Yay!
  • Reviewed assignment 1 for TA course and made suggestions (0.25 of my TA is helping create assignments – awesome!)
  • Ate a bunch of live frogs.

Next week:

  • Write up Science teacher talk idea.
  • Create bio and register for Science teacher talk.
  • Go skiing, sort out forms for ski instructor job (if not too late)
  • Put together proposal for workshops in the spring.
  • Give 15 Tools presentation
  • Go to User Centered Design: A Cultural Challenge Talk.
  • Go to Canadian IP Law for dummies talk.
  • Help friend with his website.
  • WISE table for clubs week.
  • Create questionnaire for release.
  • Fix applets and release.
  • Schedule Processing Jam
  • Go kickboxing twice.
  • Sort out medical insurance.
  • Continue incorporating papers into thesis.