Organization Reflections

A Diet of Live Frogs

frog closeup
Credit: flickr / Sakurako Kitsa

Monday: Going to the DV and exchanging my license – surprisingly painless.

Tuesday: Going outside.

Wednesday: Laundry, paying bills.

Thursday: Dealing with insurance people.

Friday: Going to Carleton

How Was It?

Not as bad as I thought it would be, most things were less awful than anticipated (apart from going to Carleton). Even though I never want to go outside in the morning, I enjoy the walk into school because of the thinking time it gives me – also, it’s not been that cold this week!

I couldn’t go with the exercise live frog because I’ve been ill all week, but I realized that my live frogs were often just things I wanted to procrastinate on because I think they’ll be unpleasant. In some cases that was justified – in others it was nowhere near as bad as I anticipated.

Worth Continuing?

Yes, but maybe on a smaller scale. Just taking one thing I want to procrastinate on and forcing myself to do it first may be helpful for me.