I have a confession about almost every big decision I’ve made. Going to Edinburgh, working in the US the first time, training in China, coming to Canada.

Someone else suggested it to me.

The other big things have mostly been opportunities, that I’ve said yes to.

Each one of these has taken me outside of my comfort zone.

With the end of my masters in sight, I’m seeking out advice and suggestions on what to do next. I’m drawing up a list of companies to apply to and opportunities to take advantage of.

I think I’m average, but the ideas I get from the people I know, suggest they don’t agree. The opportunities that have presented themselves to me lately, force me to acknowledge that even if I am average, I’m at least presenting myself and pushing myself outside my comfort zone in a way that is not. I think this is how you become not-average, but I’ll tell you when I get there.

Here’s the suggestion I received today:

Suggestion from @pinemud
Suggestion from @pinemud

I guess we’ll see if he’s right.

Seek out people who you respect, who believe in you. There are just 24 hours in each day and you need to sleep – don’t waste them on people who run you down.

Trust the suggestions from those people – even if you’re not sure you’re as capable as they think you are. There’s likely a reason why they believe in you.

Say yes. Sometimes you’ll fail, but that too is a learning experience.

Keep saying yes, even when you fail. This is how you eventually succeed.

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