Week in Brief

Goals for this week were:

  • Next Twitter Visualization (super excited about this)
  • CA Project outline
  • Read 5 papers
  • Marking :’(
  • Move ToDo Lists over to Remember The Milk
  • Write more on thesis, get to the point where papers can be integrated
  • Write survey for other project (more soon!)
  • 3 blog posts

I also:

  • Worked on next week’s WISE event
  • Got a page of my website mostly done
  • Annoyed prof by coding my assignment in Haskell
  • Had to redo part of my assignment, not in Haskell (really annoyed about this)
  • Played with Adobe’s Flex Builder 3
  • Moved onto Adobe Flash builder 4
  • Hated both of them, hence lack of new Viz (they are buggy with next to no error reporting. I’ve already crashed Flash builder twice).
  • Applied for Curriculum Development again
  • Submitted the abstract for a presentation I’m giving October 30th.

It’s really been a frustrating week with things coming up and needing to be done (like redoing the question in my assignment) and taking longer than expected (Flex/Flash Builder, marking – tried it on both Macs before I discovered that I had to use a Windows PC for the macros in the marking sheet to work – which meant Sunday at school). I’m loving Remember the Milk, though!

For this week:

  • Write more on thesis
  • Create slides for presentation
  • CA Project plan (need to find out what this entails)
  • WISE event
  • Write survey for other project
  • Keep working on Twitter Viz, maybe look for a new viz toolkit.