Twitter Visualization

@ Message Spam

I used Twitter’s new “Report as Spam” feature today for the first time, after I got a bizarre @ message from @billy_Napper_ (Following 0, 0 Followers) about the top 10 hosting sites. I don’t pretend to know all the different kinds of spam on Twitter, but there are those spammers that follow you in order to get you to follow back and click on their links (I talked about them in this post) and then there are the kind that send you unwanted @ messages.

So – I graphed him! See below:

@billy_Napper_'s Twitter Conversation Network (spammer)
@billy_Napper_'s Twitter Conversation Network (spammer)

Notice the one way links (purple) and the disjointed network (although I’m surprised it’s not more disjointed). The graph is also large relative to the number of people he’s following/being followed by.