Social Networking

The Social Networking Assignment

My supervisor teaches classes in the business school, and is looking for an assignment on Social Networking to use, perhaps as early as next semester. Of course given that I spend much of my time thinking about, reading about and writing about social networking and most of the rest of it actually socially networking myself, I think I would create a good one.

So here it is – my social networking assignment. How would you score?

  1. Write about which social networks do you use and why. What are your goals in using them, and what do you get from them? Are they personal or professional? How do you manage your privacy? This post is a guide.
  2. Create a professional profile on Brazen Careerist, if you don’t already have one.
  3. The founder of Brazen Careerist (Penelope Trunk) describes it as being about ideas, and writes a lot about how blogging is good for your career. Why can blogging be good for your career? What are the potential downsides, and what do you need to be careful of?
  4. Do you read any blogs? Blogs are a great way to stay on top of your field and the things you’re interested in. Find some interesting bloggers to follow and use something like Google Reader (or similar) to keep track of the RSS feeds. Bonus: What’s RSS?
  5. Some people describe Twitter as pointless, but many people have made people Twitter part of their lives and find it useful and/or entertaining. What are common criticisms leveled at Twitter, and why do people find it useful?
  6. Find 10 people who inspire or interest you that you would follow if you were on Twitter. What about them inspires or interests you?
  7. What’s ambient awareness?