No Technically Speaking in 2018

About three years ago, Chiu-Ki and I were wondering around Copenhagen and we came up with the idea for Technically Speaking. We sent the first issue to ~100 people from the hotel lobby in Malmö, Sweden (we were both speaking at Øredev). It’s been such a great experience to build this project out of that […]

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But Unfortunately, As You Know, People

We’ve been relatively public with Technically Speaking about our commitment to inclusivity. We only include conferences with a Code of Conduct, and we heavily weight whether travel costs are covered in our consideration. There is something we haven’t talked about (although I touched on it a little in this podcast). A Code of Conduct is […]

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Invitation Only

When I set my speaking goals for 2016, I set a limit of 6 talks. As someone asked, “did you just give them all in a two week period?” – actually I decided that 1 meet-up, 3 workshops, and MC-ing did not count (this is the thing about unclear goals). When I set my goals I […]

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Technically Speaking Workshops

Chiu-Ki and I gave a workshop last year called Technically Speaking – From Conference Proposal to Submit, and we meant to do more with it… and then never did. But luckily, Mozilla reached out to us about doing a workshop as part of their Tech Speakers program (such a great initiative – see this blog post […]

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Technically Speaking Update

We have changed a few things with Technically Speaking lately. Firstly, we stopped using Google Docs to collaborate (partly because of the terrible formatting problems in the HTML that gets generated) and moved over to writing in markdown and checking into GitHub. We also open sourced the repo – so now the content is more […]

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Running a Mentoring Program

Use the what?

As part of our Technically Speaking Anniversary, we ran a mentoring program. If you’d told me a year ago that we would be running a mentoring program as part of this I would have been shocked, because we had explicitly gone in this direction of scaling up the mentoring we did, and moving away from […]

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A Process for Writing an Abstract

spelling danbo

As part of the Technically Speaking Anniversary last week I did two mentoring calls. Both of them focused on writing abstracts. This is cool, because one of the things I discovered when Chiu-Ki and I ran our workshop is that Abstract Writing is something of a speciality for me and I actually quite enjoy writing […]

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Technically Speaking Anniversary & 2016 Speaking Goals

Tiny Raccoon sits atop a pile of stickers that say "I have something to say"

A year ago Chiu-Ki and I met up in Copenhagen and decided to start a newsletter about public speaking in tech. Technically Speaking has been going ever since. We’ve learned a bunch about speaking  (of course!) which we’ve shared with our readers. But also about running a sustainable project, and (gasp!) self promotion. A year in, […]

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Technically Speaking – From Conference Proposal to Submit

technically speaking

Chiu-Ki and I ran out first in person Technically Speaking event at 360iDev which was super exciting. It was great to meet some of our subscribers in person and go into more depth on some of the topics we cover in the newsletter. The topic was about putting together your first speaking proposal, and included: […]

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